Creating a new wave of Real World Asset Investors

Making it easier for everyone to build wealth by owning shares in property while generating passive income.

Earn up to 12%
passive income!

Earn hassle-free rental income starting from $100, without the common frustrations of being a landlord. Enjoy structured investment portfolios with no high minimums or complicated fees. Manage your investments seamlessly through FreeBnk’s simple to use app.

How does it work?

It’s simple

1Search Properties

Discover top global properties provided by our reputable partners - opportunities sorted by type, ROI, and yield, with helpful details to determine if each investment aligns with your goals.

Gain insight into the asset's value, expected rental yield, and potential appreciation, all at a glance.

2 Buy shares

Select your desired property and invest any amount effortlessly with just a few clicks. Skip the complex paperwork and processes as we take care of everything for you using secure smart contracts, allowing you to focus on what's important to you.

3Earn rental income

No complicated processes. As a FreeBnk customer we automatically create a property portfolio for you. We handle the management of real estate properties, collect rent, and deposit it directly into your account.

If you choose to benefit from your properties appreciation you can easily sell on your shares anytime via our secondary market, hassle free.
Source: Savills Reseasrch

Over 46% of global net worth is stored in real estate

Investing in Fractional Real World Assets through platforms like FreeBnk can offer significant advantages for retail investors. With the total value of the world's property market surpassing the combined value of global equity and bond markets, there's a vast pool of opportunities for investors to tap into.

By fractionalizing real estate investments, FreeBnk allows retail investors to access a diverse range of properties with smaller capital outlays, mitigating the traditional barriers to entry in real estate investing.

By democratising access to real assets enables investors to diversify their portfolios effectively, potentially generating higher returns compared to conventional investment avenues. Additionally, as the real estate market continues to expand, investors stand to benefit from the inherent stability and long-term appreciation potential of tangible assets, further enhancing their investment prospects.