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FreeBnk - Ethical Banking

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Earn 12% with
Real World Assets

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No more gas fees!


No more bridging!
Instant cross chain.

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Any crypto, anywhere in the world

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Crypto investing for everyone

FreeBnk innovates, understands and grows with our customers needs


Freebnk Trade 

Buy and withdraw crypto using cash, card and bank transfer in over 150 countries. Benefit from the best available exchange prices from over 300 DeFi and CeFi liquidity providers. Plus instantly swap cross-chain without bridging.


FreeBnk Bolt

Providing a cheaper and faster overseas fiat money transfer service using the blockchain technology. 

FreeBnk Guardian Access

FreeBnk Pay

Providing easy to access, low fee online payment method, beneficial to both customers and merchants.

FreeBnk Goes Green

FreeBnk Alchemist 

Easily invest in Real World Assets, including fractional ownership of property, stocks, bonds, gold, and more.

FreeBnk Inheritance

FreeBnk Hive 

Providing low cost competitive lending, mortgage and savings rates to our customers.

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FreeBnk Safe 

We are insured up to $30 million on any cyber & virtual attacks, including $10,000 individual customer portfolio insurance. Our inheritance plan also gives portfolio access to loved ones.

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